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S&G Bespoke Metalwork Design Studio

British award-winning metalwork design & fabrication studio.

We offer a consultation & concept design service, site visit, Full CAD design package including fabrication drawings, project management, metal fabrication and finishing.  We offer our design services as a stand alone service, giving you the help you need prior to instructing fabrication. You can choose to work with us on just the design work or take the project all the way through to production. 

We create bespoke metalwork pieces of varying sizes and complexity  for private clients, designers and architects, offering the very best design and quality.  Together we can create beautiful pieces that are a stunning addition to any project.

Full Services Provided: Consultation, concept design, bespoke patterns, full CAD work, finish advice & samples.

Choose From The Highest Quality Materials: Corten steel, aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel, brass and copper.



Garden Screening is the best privacy solution for gardens. Our garden screens are either solid or have beautiful laser cut patterns that create a stunning visual while offering great privacy or hiding ugly parts of the garden. Our clients have used screening to hide old fencing, washing lines, sheds, compost areas or create privacy around pools or hot tubs. Metal garden screens, made with Corten steel or powder-coated aluminium, are some of the most durable as they can withstand typical British weather without losing their stunning appearance.

Absolutely, just give us a call and we can talk you through the process or you can give us your overall dimensions and we will do the work for you. Call uson 01737701088.

Decorate garden screens are designed to be easy to install, even in the most challenging of places. Our bespoke service will give you the perfect fit with made to measure garden screens. Once you have added the clamps to the posts, you’ll then install the posts into the ground and then attach the panel. It is a very straightforward process, but if you’d rather make it even easier on yourself, you can find Stark & Greensmith installers near you.

Fences are a great way to add some privacy to your garden. However, traditional fences may not have the aesthetic that you are hoping for. Our range of decorative fence panels can add a beautiful visual while keeping your garden private. The laser-cut designs are available in both Corten steel and powder-coated aluminium.

Decorative screens aren’t just for use as stunning fencing around your property. They can also be used within the garden itself to hide any unsightly areas, such as walls or tanks. You can even use terrace screening to create a separation between one area of the garden and another without completely cutting it off, such as around decking.

Pedestrian gates, also known as garden gates, are used by people moving into and exiting your garden. If you want to have access to your garden from the outside, a pedestrian gate is the perfect solution. With six different designs to choose from, you can easily match your new gate to your current garden fencing.

Garden pergolas were designed to create a beautiful dining areas to enjoy with family and friends. Decorative roof panels are also available to give you dappled shade from the sun making it a very comfortable place to be even in the hot sun. Available in both Corten steel and powder-coated aluminium, our pergolas are the perfect space to relax and entertain.

Pergolas, unlike gazebos or conservatories, are not intended to be used to completely protect from the elements. They provide a little protection from direct sunlight and light rain showers, but are often used instead as sitting areas to let the breeze through and create a solid structure for any climbing plants.

Used as a fence or barrier around roofs, balconies, terraces, and more, balustrade panels are decorative and functional fences to prevent falls from high areas. They combine privacy with safety, with an A1 fire rating.

Moon gates are circular constructs in gardens, acting as a pedestrian passageway. Often associated with the symbolism of birth and renewal, they can make a stunning feature in any garden. Our range of Corten steel moon gates will look gorgeous in the winter for a romantic setting and in the summer as you relax and unwind.

Yes! Garden screens are hugely beneficial to as they can be used to create features in your home. They can also help to reduce insurance costs by increasing the privacy and improving security with beautiful designs.

Corten steel fences are a long-term investment, offering sturdy, durable products that are sustainable and recyclable. Composite can only be recycled as composite again, while Corten steel can be recycled into a variety of forms.

Metal garden screening isn’t just beautiful to look at. This type of screening is strong and long-lasting, making it the ideal product for your home. It is also completely recyclable, so your new metal garden screening won’t harm the environment. At Stark & Greensmith, we aim to cut climate-changing carbon emissions and save energy where possible, and so all of our screening is made from solid aluminium or Corten steel, which are two of the most recycled materials in the world after concrete.

Wood plastic composite degrades over time and it is impossible to recycle, as there are currently no recycling facilities available to do so. For this reason, we here at Stark & Greensmith opt to use solid aluminium or Corten steel for our products. It offers the strength and durability required while also being a better choice for the planet.

There are a number of reasons why aluminium or steel are the preferred materials for metal fencing. Not only are these products recyclable, making them a better choice for the environment, but they also have a natural resistance to corrosion. This means that your metal fencing will last a lifetime, eliminating the need to replace your fences at a later date. They are a beautiful investment for your home or business.

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