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Decorative Metal Balustrade Panels

A1 fire rated. Designed for privacy & safety

Combine privacy with safety. Our range of decorative metal balustrade panels are laser-cut and made to order in the UK. With an A1 fire rating and folded design for rigidity, they can be used on balconies and at height on buildings to create a barrier and prevent falling. Sustainable, durable, recyclable and safe, we have an extensive choice of designs for you. Prices start from £342.

Create Beautiful and Functional Safety Features With Metal Balustrades

Using the latest technology, our decorative balustrade panels are laser-cut with stunning designs, creating beautiful design features in your home. They can be used as a barrier around a balcony, at the top of stairs, or in your garden to hide uprights to create a continuous run. With plenty of designs to choose from and both aluminium and Corten steel finishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Whether you opt for one of our designs or you want something unique, we can help. We offer bespoke balustrades to help you create exactly what you want. Your bespoke balustrade infill panels can be designed to suit your garden and home perfectly, so tell us what you are looking for today.

Decorative Balustrades to Suit Your Home

Our metal balustrade infill panels are available in a range of designs, with a mix of all over patterns and partial patterns to provide greater privacy or to suit your design needs. These decorative balustrade panels can be used in a variety of ways. They are perfect for use as a barrier around your balcony or to simply cover areas of the garden you would rather keep hidden.

Create a More Private Balcony

Balustrades are created with privacy in mind. These sturdy metal panels don’t just look more interesting than glass, they act as screening for your balcony or deck, ensuring that gardens stay private. As barriers around a balcony or a section of your garden, you can create a continuous run around an area to separate it from the rest of the garden with ease.

Designed With Safety At The Heart Of Every Balustrade

All of the Stark & Greensmith balustrade panels are A1 fire-rated, keeping safety in mind for you and your family. These non-combustible materials meet the requirements to secure the highest level of performance. They add significant value to your property, ensuring that your family are safe in your home with beautiful and functional designs.

Powder-Coated Aluminium or Corten Steel

Available in both powder-coated aluminium and Corten steel, our metal balustrade panels offer you the quality finish you have been looking for. The powder-coated aluminium balustrades provide a high end look to any home, while the Corten steel will transform over time to show a gorgeous auburn patina you’ll love.


Balustrades are a barrier, often characterised as a row of uprights with a rail on top or a metal panel that affixes to other panels. They are designed as a safety feature to prevent potential falls. Often seen around the tops of stairs or on balconies, they act as a barricade to keep you and your family safe.

A handrail is a key safety feature, typically set at 1100mm from finished floor level on balconies, and 900mm above stair level, for people to hold onto and to prevent falls. The balustrade panels fill in the space between the handrail and the floor. They are sometimes called “infill panels”.

Whether or not you need a balustrade will depend on the type of property. For domestic properties, balustrades are required if there is a difference of more than 600mm between levels. If, however, you own a commercial property, the height difference requirement is reduced to 380mm. This will help to protect potential customers from falls.

The height of a balustrade will vary depending on the type of property and the specific requirements. If you are guarding a landing area or a balcony, the barrier should be a minimum of 1100mm above the Finished Floor Level or FFL. All of the Stark & Greensmith balustrades meet this requirement so you have complete peace of mind.

The spacing for balustrades should be narrow or small enough that a 100mm sphere would not be able to pass through. With an extensive range of metal balustrades to choose from, all of our designs at Stark & Greensmith meet these requirements, helping to keep your family safe while adding a stunning feature to your property.

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