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Bespoke Cor-Ten: A Contemporary Material for Modern Lifestyles

Bespoke Cor-Ten products seem to be everywhere these days.

People are turning to the rusting carbon heavy mild steel alloy, which forms a protective patina, protecting the substrate within, meaning it can withstand all weather conditions for many years without deteriorating, in droves, as they see the benefit of having Bespoke Cor-Ten products that will last, and look beautiful while they do so.

Bespoke Corten Products are a speciality here at Stark & Greensmith

We love to see what people come up with, and to work with them to turn their vision into reality. The material is sustainable, warm, tough and beautiful and we see ever more interesting requirements coming through to us form various clients. If you have an idea, we can help you turn it into something special.

All our Bespoke Cor-ten products are hand made here in the UK, and all the metal we use is certified from accredited steel mills. Bespoke Cor-ten products can be laser-cut and welded, to make pretty much anything. The material’s versatility is one of its many selling points.

Bespoke Cor-ten products weather naturally over time. We generally supply pieces in the un-weathered petrol-blue colour, unless weathering is specifically requested by the client, and the bespoke Cor-Ten screens or frames of whatever has been fabricated will then weather naturally, turning first a relatively bright orange and then this patina will slowly darken over time, maturing much like a fine wine. All the stages of weathering have their own particular aesthetic appeal.

Bespoke Cor-Ten items can also be “accelerated”, (made to weather faster) if needed.

There are a number of processes used to achieve this effect, but we believe the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way to do it is to spray the bespoke Cor-Ten product with salt water, and leave outside. Additionally, something as simple as laying a screen down overnight, so that dew can from upon the surface, makes a big difference to the speed at which the surface of your Bespoke Cor-Ten product will change colour. This can be further accelerated by sanding the surface lightly to remove any “scale” which might be on the surface, which is a by-product of the process by which the material is formed at the steel mill itself.

Bespoke Cor-Ten Products are here to stay, and not just because they’re so durable: They look great as well.

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