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Bespoke Corten: Sustainably Beautiful Ideas

Bespoke Corten products are highly popular in the garden and in architecture currently, and with good reason. The material is warm, sustainable, beautiful and incredibly durable.

Bespoke Corten screens, frames, planters, water features and fire pits have become the choice of many when seeking to bring design into a space, which will not only look great from day 1, but will stand the test of time.

Bespoke Corten products are fabricated from Corten steel

Corten steel – a rusting carbon heavy mild steel alloy, which forms a protective patina, protecting the substrate within, meaning it can withstand all weather conditions for many years without deteriorating.

Bespoke Corten screens, laser cut to carry patterns, are particularly popular and we do these at Stark & Greensmith all the time. Whether your desired bespoke Corten screen is a non-standard size, but you would still like a pattern from our library, or whether you would like a unique design, your bespoke Corten steel product will get the job done, beautifully, affordably and sustainably.

Bespoke Corten steel products do not involve any hazardous materials in their fabrication, and are therefore 100% recyclable, as well, as often being made from recycled material in the first place. Asa result, Bespoke Corten products are an environmentally sound way to bring design and beauty into your garden or construction project.

Bespoke Corten – On Trend

Bespoke Corten balustrading is a trend which is really gathering momentum right now. And again it’s easy to see why: The toughness of the material, combined with the accuracy of laser-cutting as a method of reproducing the specified designs, result in bespoke Corten infill panels which are strong enough to pass building code regulations, and in fact have the advantage over laminated glass balustrading in buildings over 18m tall, while at the same time raising the decorative tone of the building you’re planning to install them on.

So, If you’re looking for something which is as tough as is it beautiful, and which will last longer than pretty much anything else you own, while carrying a truly individual stamp to showcase your style, bespoke Corten screens and other products are a great option to consider.

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