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Bespoke Vehicle Gates

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Modern, beautifully designed vehicle gates are a desirable addition to any home, and they are no longer restricted to a niche group of clients, at Stark & Greensmith we work very hard to advise and offer our design services to all our design-led enthusiasts.

Commercial or residential, we can help design, fabricate and deliver the right gates for your project. We also work very closely with several installers throughout the UK so can introduce reliable installation partners for the work onsite. This really helps communication throughout the project, achieving the desired goal effectively and with minimum stress.

Which Type of Vehicle Gate to Choose?

As a first step think about the space available to you, this will determine if swing or sliding gates are needed. Swing gates open and close to allow cars into and out of the driveway just like a door swings opens or closes to let someone in or out of a room. Swing gates will want to open towards the house, this recess should accommodate the gate’s swing. They don’t take up too much room with a 90-degree swing. Be aware that if the driveway isn’t entirely flat, there is a chance that while opening or closing a swinging gate could scrape the ground or even get stuck. If leveling isn’t an option, we can help you to design a specific gate to overcome this issue, this would be a unique design tailored just for you. Please get in touch and we can advise you on the best way forward.

Sliding Gates are becoming extremely popular when space is limited in a more urban environment, you will need a good amount of space horizontally across your threshold to allow the gate to retract. This allows you to maximize the parking area that you have available.

Security & Automation

No matter which style of gate you specify, there are many options available to you for security. The first consideration is the choice of material; vehicle gates should be made with a very strong and durable material, at Stark & Greensmith we design and fabricate gates in a choice of aluminum, mild steel and corten (weathering steel). All these materials are durable and will offer you the strength you need. Corten and Mild steel being the strongest options but aluminum in the correct thickness can also offer the desired strength with the added benefit of a lighter weight.


Our mild steel and aluminum gates can be finished in a wide variety of architectural quality powder coat finishes and in a colour to suit your design scheme. Corten or Weathering steel will arrive in a raw steel grey and will gradually develop its rich rusted patina which will age and settle over time. Corten steel is hugely popular with designers and architects as it offers sumptuous hues that blend beautifully with the surrounding environment while also offering a maintenance free product, Corten steel reacts to its environment to create a protective surface that gives it an extremely long lifetime even in the harshest of environments adding to its sustainability.


If you are concerned about ongoing maintenance and maybe the fear of future rust, you should be relaxed to hear that powder coated aluminum will not rust even if scratched and will need very little maintenance, we can source touch up paints to replicate the finish if any damage does unfortunately occur meaning that you can have peace of mind that your gates will last. Mild steel if left untreated can rust but we make sure to pretreat our steel prior to finishing meaning that it is protected and will remain rust free for at least 5-8 years if the protective surface is kept intact.

Decoration Versus Privacy?

Luckily you don’t have to choose one or the other. Before the designing begins it is a good idea to decide how much privacy you need, and we offer a choice of patterns and pattern placements that achieve that. You could opt for a band of pattern at the top of your gate leaf that adds a great deal of decoration but still gives you the privacy you require. If you feel that total privacy is needed than we have the option to design a decorative gate that has a back panel to limit all chances of seeing though. If you would like your gate to add curb appeal into the evening, illuminating your gate leaf from the inside allows the pattern or signage to have a beautiful glow with show stopping results.

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