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Bespoke Driveway Gates

Starting From £4,000

Bespoke Driveway Gates

Starting From £4,000

Vehicle gates are the perfect addition for any commercial or residential property. These secure gates are available in a range of designs, including bespoke, to suit your project. Whether you need a sliding driveway gate or a swinging vehicle gate, you’ll find a range of options to choose from at Stark & Greensmith. The modern and beautiful designs will make a desirable addition to any home or business. Prices start from just £4,000 for a completely custom gate for your driveway.

Our driveway gates provide security for your vehicle and privacy for your home. While they were previously seen as functional, the latest laser technology means that your car can be protected with a high-quality British handmade design, ready to install on your property.

Premade and Custom Driveway Gate Designs Available

The latest laser technology means that, at Stark & Greensmith, we can laser-cut one of our designs into the driveway gate, or you can completely customise your gate with one of your own ideas. Whether you need the gate for a commercial or residential property, we can help to design, fabricate, and deliver the bespoke gates for your project. Our stunning bespoke metal gates combine decoration and privacy to give you the complete package.

Our talented creative director Martine Le Gassick will work with you to create the custom vehicle gates you need. Even if you only have an idea of what you’d like to see, we can create the full design based on your specifications. Contact Stark & Greensmith today to discuss your ideas and get a bespoke driveway gate quote.

Swing Versus Sliding Driveway Gates

Whether a swing or sliding vehicle gate is right for you will depend on your property. Some homeowners prefer sliding gates in urban environments where space is limited and maximum parking space is required. For others, swinging gates are best if the opening is narrow, as you do not need space at either side for the gate to be stored. Here at Stark & Greensmith, we can help you decide which type of gate is best for your car and property.

Combine Beautiful Designs with Privacy

Some vehicle gates are created purely for functionality, but at Stark & Greensmith, we are passionate about creating pretty but tough driveway gates. Our laser-cutting technique gives you a stunning finish and ensures you have some privacy. Whether you decide on a full pattern placement or choose a top band pattern, you’ll find that your car feels secure and your home as secluded as you deserve.

Reduce Insurance Costs with a Secure Parking Space

Not only is a secure vehicle gate great for your home insurance, but it also benefits your car insurance costs. Keeping your car on a secure driveway will save you money, and ensure that your vehicle is safe and secure every single day. Improve the value of your property by providing a safe place to park cars.

Mild Steel, Corten Steel, and Aluminium Car Gates

Recyclable solutions are important to us. Using high-quality mild steel, Corten steel, and aluminium, you’ll have a range of sustainable options for your drive. The mild steel and aluminium gates can be finished in a variety of architectural-quality powder coats, perfectly matching your design scheme and aesthetics. If you’d like to create a classic look, Corten steel arrives in a raw grey and will gradually react to its environment, giving you a rich rusted patina.

Bespoke Kitchen Island Panels

We design bespoke, made-to-fit, decorative laser-cut panels for your kitchen. These can easily be backlit to turn your kitchen islands and cabinets into stunning features. Available in a range of decorative finishes, including powder coat, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and anodised aluminium, our bespoke kitchen island panels can be created with one of our patterns from the gallery or with a unique design of your own.
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Bespoke Architectural Metalwork

Need bespoke metalwork for an architectural project? We make a broad range of bespoke architectural metalwork for our customers. Our mission is to make things that are beautiful, long-lasting, practical, and affordable. Working with clients, designers, and contractors, we create functional and stunning visuals for a range of purposes. With designers, engineers, and project managers on our team, we can help turn your ideas into reality.
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Bespoke Street Furniture

Street furniture encompasses many things, from planters and benches to bin stores, bike stores, and signage. This growing popular trend is becoming a feature on many high streets and in gardens, creating gorgeous visuals in every colour and texture. Combining aesthetics with engineering, metal street furniture is fit for purpose in the busiest of spaces.
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Bespoke Large Pictorial Panels

Metal panels are great for creating custom art pieces for public display. Made from either Corten steel or powder-coated aluminium, these hard wearing metals can withstand all types of British weather, ensuring that your bespoke pictorial garden panel will last a lifetime. They create a beautiful focal point in your garden or can be used as a commemorative piece in your town.
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The price of a driveway gate will vary depending on the material used, the size, the design, and whether or not the gate is a swinging or sliding gate. Think of the level of security you need, whether you want a design, and if your driveway has the space for a sliding gate or if a swing gate would be better. This can help you get the right pricing for your gate. At Stark & Greensmith, our prices start from £4,000 for bespoke metal driveway gates.

While wooden gates are a good option for some homes, they do not provide the same level of security and privacy as metal gates. Whether you opt for a mild steel or aluminium gate or you’d prefer a Corten steel vehicle gate, you’ll find that the metal is extremely secure and low-maintenance, able to withstand even the harshest of environments.

Properties with a narrow driveway may find that swinging gates are the better option. They can simply open out onto the driveway itself, so you can drive through and park your cars without issue. If you are in an urban area and need to maximise your parking space, sliding driveway gates may be better, as they will slide along the wall or fence and provide you with more space to store your cars.

Metal driveway gates are a low-maintenance option, making them ideal for businesses and residential properties. Our mild steel gates are pretreated prior to finishing, ensuring that they remain rust-free for at least 5-8 years. Powder-coated aluminium will not rust even if scratched, ensuring that it is as low-maintenance as possible.

Our range of metal driveway gates are designed to not only provide security and stunning designs but also ease of installation. We deliver our vehicle gates ready to install, making it easy for you to set up your new gate. If you’d prefer to have the installation completed for you, you can find your nearest installer.

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