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Decorative Fence Panels | Why choose them?

Decorative fence panels are a cost-effective and beautiful way to bring design into your garden.

Decorative fence panels can be made of various materials, including Corten steel, aluminium and other metals.

Decorative fence panels are available in a huge selection of patterns and coloured finishes. The patterns add a beautiful decorative element to your garden and the laser cut perforations allow for the transfer of light through the screen, projecting beautiful motifs of patterns on your across your planting and garden. Don’t forget that you can light up decorative fence panels in various highly attractive ways.

Decorative fence panels are not just for large gardens

Their slim profile means they can add beauty and vibrancy to even the most intimate spaces without taking up too much room. Decorative fence panels do not just have to be used as the perimeter of a garden or a party wall. They can also be a focal point of a particular area or can help bring structure to your space in an affordable way.

Decorative fence panels are tough and durable

Stark & Greensmith’s decorative fence panels are extremely tough and sustainable, requiring very little maintenance over their long lifespan. Made from solid metal and never from composite, they last for years and stay looking beautiful far longer than traditional wooden alternatives. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to what can be done with a decorative fence panel: Text, intricate patterns and pictorial images can all be designed into the piece with great accuracy through our laser cutting process.

We have devised a system for installing our decorative fence panels whereby the panels are mounted on aluminium powder coated posts, which look sleek and contemporary, and will not rot or fail like traditional wooden fence posts. This underpins the longevity of all our products, which will last for years and add a whole extra design dimension to your life, without costing the earth.

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