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Stark & Greensmith Branches Corten Garden Screen

A Simple Guide To Fixing & Measuring Stark & Greensmith Garden Screens

Fixing Garden Screening

I Love The Look But How Do I Mount My Garden Screen?

Our garden Screens can be fixed to our aluminium posts. You have a choice of either hiding our posts and fixing directly to the screen with our Garden Screen Screw Pack (6 per panel and available in all 6 finishes) or if you prefer the look of the posts you can use our clamps (6 per panel). You need to purchase one end cap per post. 


I Now Understand How to Fix but I Am Worried About Measuring up.

Measuring up isn’t as complicated as it seems but here is are some tips to help:

  1. Measure the full width of the area you wish to screen.
  2. Our posts are 50mm x 100mm and can be turned to help fit into a tight width.
  3. Our screens all have a 50mm uncut border allowing you to successfully hide the 50mm face of the post.
  4. When calculating the allowance for clamps please allow 20mm only.
  5. If in doubt, give us a shout. We really are happy to guide you through the measuring process for peace of mind so contact us if you would like some help.

Fixing Garden Trellis

Fixing To Posts

You can fix our trellis panels exactly the same way as the garden screening, it is essentially the same product but a different dimension 🙂 

Fixing To A Wall

You can fix directly to a wall with our long corten coloured trellis screws and spacers which slightly lift the panel off the wall and keep the corten run of the brickwork.

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