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Corten Planter 400mm Square


Hand fabricated to order in the UK using the best 2mm Corten steel, our planters are high quality, made to last, and are fully recyclable. Also available in 1190mm & 600mm widths. If you need a different size then please get in touch as we also offer bespoke sized planters for projects where standard sizing doesn’t work.

Corten Steel is a structural steel that reacts to the environment by developing a protective rich rusted patina which helps the material stay strong and last for many years. Corten has been a material of choice by architects and engineers for many years due to its longevity and zero maintenance. Our Corten planters are delivered in their raw grey steel state and will gradually develop to a vibrant rust followed by a deep rich patina which sits beautifully in the garden. You can speed up this process by spraying with a natural salt water, no need to use any harsh chemicals.

Corten Planter 400mm Square