Bespoke Metalwork Services

At Stark & Greensmith, we want to help you turn your ideas into reality. We work with creative people every day and love learning more about your ideas, your budgets, and how best to give you the end result you are looking for. Whether you have a single feature panel in mind or you need more for an entire development, we can help.

We work with a variety of clients in all industries from food service to architecture to design, fabricate, and install your bespoke metalwork. Safety is important, and we ensure all of our designs and bespoke metalwork adheres to relevant industry guidelines, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your new project perfectly meets your needs.

Bespoke laser-cut metal panels for your home or business

While we offer a range of metal terrace screening and fence panels for you to choose from, you may have a particular design in mind that isn’t currently available. At Stark & Greensmith, we encourage you to get in touch with us to share your visions. We are passionate about your projects and eager to create the perfect solution for you.

Our understanding of development budgets and programmes as well as extensive experience working across multiple industries means that we can help you, no matter the size or scale of the project. We create everything from bespoke kitchen island panels and driveway gates to pictorial panels and street furniture. Contact us today with your ideas to discuss your options.

A long-term investment in sustainable solutions

When it comes to bespoke products, you are investing in something that will last. The beauty of opting for bespoke laser-cut metal panels is that they are sustainable, recyclable, and long-lasting. They are able to resist everything British weather can throw at them, ensuring that your design will last a lifetime. For those with a keen interest in the environment and creating eco-friendly products, our bespoke metalwork fences and screens are perfect for you.


What counts as street furniture?

Street furniture covers a whole host of items but is primarily used to refer to benches, planters, bike and bin stores, decorative grills, and signage. Metal benches with built-in planters at the back are some of the most popular types of metal street furniture you’ll see, offering a comfortable place to sit and stunning plants to enjoy as you rest.

What can metalwork be used for?

Metalwork is extremely versatile. You may choose to use it in your home to create a stunning art piece that catches the light in an evening. It is also a popular choice for commemorative pieces to represent anniversaries, celebrations, or memorials. Laser cutting is a wonderful technology, which enables us to portray your ideas with great precision, while the light which flows through the negative spaces created adds a new dimension to a design.

Are swing or sliding vehicle gates more secure?

Both swing and sliding vehicle gates are extremely secure, especially when made from Corten steel or powder-coated aluminium. Swing gates offer simplicity in terms of their use, while underground motors are typically capable of operating sliding gates weighing up to 500KG each. Both types of The right gate for you will depend on your requirements, so speak to your designer first.

Can you customise your kitchen island?

Your kitchen island can be both practical and beautiful. Metalwork can create stunning features around your kitchen island, with customisable designs transforming a plain kitchen island into a work of art. Adding backlighting will make your space even more special, especially in the evening, bringing ambient light into the room.

What does metalwork add to my home?

Metalwork can be used to create stunning feature pieces in your garden or in a public space. Not only is it long-lasting and extremely durable, but the fashionable and stylish appearance ensures that the metalwork contributes to the value of homes.