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Branches Corten Steel Balustrade Infill Panel (1100mm x 1100mm)


Our most iconic pattern, re-worked into an infill-panel format for architectural use. The clean lines of the panel silhouette, combined with the biophilic nature of the pattern itself gives a balance between precision and prettiness, to enhance the look of any project.

The panels are sized to be compatible with most standard balustrade uprights, and at 1100mm high with our unique design featuring a double fold at the top and a single fold at the bottom, can be used with or without handrails above. These panels are strong enough and rigid enough to comply with building control requirements for guarding at height and fire safety legislation in most situations*

Our Branches Balustrade panels in Corten steel can be used to form part of a fit-for-purpose, fire-rated balustrade for your building, on floors at any height.*

The panels come in 3mm thick sheet as standard, to bring you the ideal combination of high-end aesthetic appeal combined with a budget-friendly price tag.