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Made to Measure Decorative Fence Panels & Metal Garden Screens

Achieve the perfect fit in your garden with made to measure fence panels and garden screens. These metal decorative panels are laser-cut with designs to create eye-catching, stunning visuals in your garden, adding an element of privacy to your home. We work with a variety of customers from private clients to the most experienced landscapers and designers to create custom-sized fence panels and garden screens for the perfect fit. Contact us today for your bespoke quote.

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Our Pattern Library

The extensive range of garden screens and fence panels from Stark & Greensmith are available in both Corten steel and powder-coated aluminium. While we offer a range of decorative fence panels, you may find that part of your garden requires customisation. We will work with you to provide quality decorative garden screens to fit your home perfectly, and all are made from recycled or recyclable materials to suit your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Decorative metal fence panels in the UK

Here at Stark & Greensmith, we are passionate about using the latest technology to create the designs you love. We laser-cut all of our garden screens and metal fence panels with our designs. If you have a bespoke design of your own, we can do the same for that too. The material makes them not only beautiful but durable, lasting a lifetime.

Metal fencing isn’t only for use around the outside of your garden to create privacy. It is multipurpose, so whether you want to use them as decorative windbreaks or you’d like to add artistic panels to your garden, you can. Cover your bin store with beautiful designs or simply create some structure in your garden.

Whether you need a few panels or you want to customise your entire garden fence, we can help. Our bespoke service will give you exactly what you are looking for, with stunning designs and a perfect fit.

Made to measure metal garden screens for a perfect fit

Not all gardens are designed the same way, which can mean that standard fence panels might not fit into your space as you hoped. Here at Stark & Greensmith, we offer a range of bespoke services, including made-to-measure metal fence panels. This service means that the panels you receive will fit perfectly into your garden. Take the stress out of the process by hiring an installer near you.

Choose from our designs or select your own

All of our metal garden screens and fence panels have been designed to stand out while adding some privacy to your outdoor space. We have a library of designs to choose from, and you can select one of these designs for your made-to-measure panels. If you’d rather add your design, we are happy to do so. We offer a range of bespoke services and love turning your ideas into reality!

Corten steel fence panels or aluminium garden fences

Corten steel transforms over time to provide a classic rust colouration, while powder-coated aluminium has a modern look to it. Either of these styles will be perfect for your home. Tell us which style you love the most or ask us for advice. We’ll be happy to offer our expertise to give you the custom fit you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are garden screens used for?

Garden screens have a multitude of purposes. While they can be used as decorative fence panels to create privacy in your garden, they can also be used in your garden itself to separate different spaces. Some also opt to use them to cover areas such as a bin store, oil tank, bike store, garage, pergola or car port.

Are fence panels just for use as fences?

Fence panels can be used for so many different purposes. With stunning designs available, the Stark & Greensmith range can be used to hide any unseemly areas of the garden from view. They can also be used to separate certain areas of the garden, making the most out of your current garden layout.

What does made to measure fence panels mean?

At Stark & Greensmith, we offer a range of fence panels for you to buy today in a variety of standard sizes. However, if you find that these sizes don’t suit your garden, we also offer made-to-measure panels. This means that we will cut our metal fence panels to suit your measurements and ensure the panels fit into your garden perfectly.

What is the point of decorative garden screens?

Decorative garden screens offer beautiful designs and privacy in one. The cut-out designs can be seen through, but the gaps are minimal in size, creating a stunning design feature in your garden. They have proven popular throughout the years around gardens or within them to bring structure to your garden and create distinct areas.

How can I add privacy to my garden?

You want your garden to be a private sanctuary for you and your family, which is where fence panels come in. Installing fence panels around your garden will make it much more private, and with a library of different designs to choose from, the Stark & Greensmith range means that you will easily find a style to suit your home.