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Our range of premium, contemporary, Corten steel planters are perfect for modern gardens. Hand fabricated to order in the UK, our high-quality planters are sustainable & made to last.

Corten planters are an elegant addition to any garden or outdoor space, bringing a unique look and texture, with their rusty orange colour and textured surface. They are made from weathering steel, which is strong and durable, making them a great choice for any outdoor space. As they are low maintenance and require no painting or sealing, our planters are a great choice for busy gardeners. Corten steel can really help planting pop and our planters look beautiful filled with colourful flowers, plants, and succulents. Corten planters are a great way to add a modern, stylish touch to your garden. Designed to stand on their own, these planters can be placed anywhere in the garden. 

Corten steel is the perfect material choice for your garden planters

S&G Garden planters are able to withstand all weather conditions, especially in the UK. Our corten planters are made of robust Corten steel, which is extremely durable and zero maintenance. The rust patina of this material will sit well in any garden design and will look stunning during the day and at night. Corten Steel is a structural steel that reacts to the environment by developing a protective rich rusted patina which helps the material stay strong and last for many years. Corten has been a material of choice by architects and engineers for many years due to its longevity and zero maintenance. Our Corten planters are delivered in their raw grey steel state and will gradually develop to a vibrant rust followed by a deep rich patina which sits beautifully in the garden. You can speed up this process by spraying with a natural salt water, no need to use any harsh chemicals.

Bespoke Corten planters

 At S&G we also create bespoke planters for our clients including landscapers, designers and architects. We offer a full design and manufacture service and all of our products are made in our workshop in Surrey.  We can offer many different sizes and finishes to make sure you get the perfect look. No matter the size of the project, from a single feature panel to an entire development, we can help to create you some bespoke planters  Simply contact our team today.

Long-term investments in your garden

One of the advantages of using Corten steel to create garden planters is that they look great and are extremely durable, making them the perfect long-term investment. Corten steel is also recyclable and sustainable, so it is ideal for anyone with a more eco-conscious mindset looking to transform their garden.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a trellis planter?

A trellis planter is a combined trellis and planter box. The planter box has space for a variety of plants in it, though is primarily designed for climbing plants. These planter boxes are then fixed to a trellis, which acts as a backplate to the box, a feature wall, or a structure for the plants to climb. A trellis planter combines these two elements to save you valuable space.

Can you hang plants on a trellis?

Trellises are excellent for plants, especially climbing plants. You can guide the plants along the trellis with hooks to secure them in place, or you can even add trellis pots to create a unique look. A trellis planter is often the best solution, giving your climbing plants a solid base to grow from.

What can I use instead of hanging baskets in my garden?

Hanging baskets look great in gardens, but they might not suit everyone. Heavy winds can displace them easily, and maintaining the plants within can be challenging. This is why trellis planters are great alternatives. They are sturdy enough to withstand high winds and give your climbing plants the structure they need to grow.

Are trellis planters a good idea?

If you want to introduce climbing plants to your garden but don’t have the grass or soil available, trellis planters are an excellent choice. They can be installed onto paved areas of the garden or decking, giving your plants the space they need to grow and flourish.

How do I get plants to climb a trellis?

Training your plants to climb is easy when you have the right equipment. Using supports and ties, you can hold the stems in place along the trellis. Over time the plants will climb the structure, creating a stunning visual effect.