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Decorative Garden Trellis & Wall Art Panels

Premium Sustainable Metal Trellis. 100% Solid metal. Never From Composite.

Decorative Garden Wall Art & Trellis.

Premium Sustainable Metal Trellis. 100% Solid metal. Never From Composite.

Stunning contemporary wall art and metal trellis panels for your garden. Perfect for guiding climbing plants and creating contemporary feature garden artwork, our garden trellis & artworks fit easily on any wall and can be back-lit to create a beautiful light feature. 

Garden Trellis - Contemporary Wall Art Made to Last

A garden trellis is a great way to introduce climbing plants into your garden. The structure allows you to guide the plants around features, creating a beautiful focal point in your home. Our Corten steel trellis planters make for the perfect starting point! Made with Corten steel, our trellis is not only durable but stunning, changing from raw grey steel slate to a vibrant rust colour and creating a vintage look.

With a variety of designs to choose from, you may decide not to add climbing plants. The beauty of our extensive range of metal garden trellis panels is that they aren’t only for use as structures for climbing plants. Adding a backlight behind your trellis will turn it into a stunning piece of artwork.

Whether you want to grow climbing plants in your garden or create a centrepiece with a garden trellis, you’ll find everything you need here at Stark & Greensmith. Enjoy a raw, textured and natural look with our Corten steel trellis panels.

Durable and Stunning Corten Steel Trellis Panels

Corten steel is a structural steel that reacts to the environment. This reaction helps the material stay strong and last for many years. The material of choice for architects and engineers, our Corten steel trellis panels have been designed for easy installation. Add a new feature to your home with our stunning range of Corten steel trellis panels. Looking to transform your garden? We have decorative fence panels to match.

Three Different Designs to Choose From

Choice is important, which is why we have three different designs of decorative garden trellis panels for you to choose from. Our Décor panels are inspired by the arts and crafts movement of the 19th Century, offering a vintage, elegant style. The Asanoha panels take their inspiration from Japanese privacy screens, while Marrakech turns to the geometry of the Middle East. All of these designs will look stunning in your home, and with prices starting from £65, you’ll find our designs extremely affordable.

Available in a Variety of Sizes

Our extensive range of Corten steel decorative trellis panels are available in different sizes to suit your space. You can easily choose the right size for your garden wall, creating a stunning feature in a few minutes. If you haven’t seen the size you’d like, we also offer bespoke services.

Increase Property Value With a Stunning Wall Feature

Corten steel decorative trellis panels can be used in a variety of ways. One contemporary design idea is to use it to create a feature wall in your garden. You can fix the trellis to a garden wall and install lights behind it, turning a plain wall into an attractive feature. This adds value to your property and creates a welcoming atmosphere when you spend time outside.


Attaching your trellis to a fence or a garden wall is easy. Our range has pre-drilled holes in each corner to make installer your new decorative trellis straightforward. If you have any concerns or you’d like to contact a professional to install your trellis panels, there are Stark & Greensmith installers near you available now.

While it is possible to attach a trellis to a fence without drilling or screwing, it will not provide you with the secure fit you expect. For the best results, experts recommend screwing the trellis into the wall or fence. This will ensure that it can withstand any of the harsh weather conditions we have come to expect.

Garden trellises come in a variety of sizes. Here at Stark & Greensmith, they are 312mm to 620mm wide and 895mm to 1780mm high. This gives you plenty of scope to work with, so no matter how small or large your garden wall is, we have decorative trellis panels for you.
The space required between the wall and your trellis will depend on what you are using it for. If you are using your trellis for climbing plants, a distance of around 10cm is good, as this reduces the amount of maintenance needed for these plants. However, if you are adding backlights, it will vary based on the lighting installation you have.

Measuring for a trellis is easy. Start by measuring the wall itself to get an idea of how much space you have to fill. Then it is down to you to decide how much space you want your trellis to take up. Measuring to fit the trellis is made easy with the Stark & Greensmith range of decorative garden trellis panels with pre-drilled holes. You can simply mark the holes and drill.

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